Based in the countryside of south Sweden, In coherence with nature, Caprifolen is an international place for people with and without disabilities. Working to help individuals to overcome a variety of different challenges. Incorporates horses as a tool to assist participants with and without disabilities to improve their comprehension of body language, learn new responsibilities, and expand their comfort zone. Horses are a unique tool that can create a new sense of personal responsibility and help in expanding one's understanding of the importance of body language, particularly for those who are non-verbal. Horses can also come to represent a safe space for people who may otherwise struggle to be around others. Studies have suggested that as the movement of a horse mirrors that of a cradle it can create a sense of comfort in people. End of each training the horse serves as a gathering spot for all the participants as a way to thank the horse and to strengthen the sense of community within the organisation. Using drama, circus together with sport and horses as tools for inclusions and has been conducting musicals with mixed groups for 15 years. The work Caprifolen has undertaken has developed into new tools for schools and other organisations. Collaborating with the local municipality trying to create a meeting place where the focus lies on social inclusion and trying to build-up individuals. Caprifolen has created new classes for people with disabilities and are the first to organise PARA competitions in vaulting in Sweden.