Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education (FECE)


Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education (FECE) is a non-profit organization, based in Sofia, Bulgaria and founded in 2014.

FECE’s mission is to promote, assist and support the development of culture, education, innovation and the entrepreneurial qualities of young people and people with fewer opportunities. FECE promotes freedom of cultural expression, encourages and organizes cultural initiative in different fields of art, culture, media and education in an independent and creative nature.

FECE’s vision is to empower different communities and target audiences through arts, culture and education. FECE stands for preserving cultural heritage between generations and the development of intercultural dialogue among different layers of society. FECE provides support for the organization and implementation of cultural events, training courses, seminars, conferences and research activities. The team accomplishes these goals by implementing diverse cultural and educational projects at a national and international level.

FECE works in three main directions – youth, culture and entrepreneurship. Through different initiatives the team has already implemented notable national and international training courses and youth exchanges on topics such as social and cultural entrepreneurship, EU values, active citizenship, music, sports and intercultural communications.

Through FECE’s art programmes, the team provides opportunities for young and emerging artists to develop and present their works on a national and European level. Through those activities, FECE explores new forms of cultural expression, the intersection between digital and traditional arts and the effects of new media on cultural consumption.

FECE implements various projects under the Erasmus+, CERV, Creative Europe and other European and national funds and tenders.