Mulino ad arte


We are a theatre company founded by Daniele Ronco in 2012 and today directed by him with a close-knit team that has been working for years to transform dreams into projects, realized for and with the public.
After several years of research, we have focused our creative energy on green production. We love our Planet and want to reflect through theatre on the great challenges of our present. We strongly feel the need to live in harmony with the “home” that hosts us, because without this harmony there will be nothing left of us.

We want to make this theme popular in its noblest sense and, quoting Safran Foer, dispel the myth that green does not make a "show", to win over new audiences, especially those most skeptical about this subject. To do this, we have radically changed our mindset from a theatre made for the audience to a theatre made with the audience. This does not mean eliminating the boundaries between spectator and artist, which for us must maintain two distinct identities, but creating working processes that are deeply interconnected with science, the territory, and the individual citizen, with a particular propensity to relate to the younger generations.

In a world made up of so many, sometimes too many, words, we try to propose concrete actions, the most important of which is Teatro a Pedali, our theatrical format that allows the stage to be powered by the audience's pedaling. The spectator becomes a fundamental element of the show, because without him the stage would be in the dark!

Since 2020, our venue has been the “Teatro Il Mulino” in Piossasco (Turin area), an old mill that we are transforming into an eco-theatre: the conversion process concerns both consumption and poetics, with programming that is very attentive to sustainability issues, culminating in the Teatro a Pedali Festival at the end of June.